VILLA OCCUPANCY The villa is licensed by Osceola County, Florida for a maximum occupancy of eight (8) persons, including children and babies; this MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED.

BOOKING AND DEPOSIT A provisional booking can be made via the telephone or email. This will be held for up to 3 working days, or as agreed by the Owner at the time of making the provisional booking, but unless the $100 deposit or full payment is received the reservation will be cancelled.
Payment of the deposit confirms your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Booking Acceptance The booking acceptance is based on " first come first serve basis " the receipt of $100 deposit..
Primary preference is given to those who want to rent 1 week or longer from Saturday to Saturday.
Secondary preference is from Sunday to Sunday. The last is for any midweek booking, any days (min.4days).

BALANCE OF PAYMENT This will be payable eight weeks prior to the date of the arrival at the villa. Bookings that are made within ten weeks of arrival are payable in full at the time of the booking. The Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking if payment is not received by the due date. Rentals are inclusive of electricity, water and local taxes. Local telephone calls are free.

SECURITY DEPOSIT A Security Deposit is required with the payment balance and will be refunded once the property has been cleaned and checked for damage or loss of property. The person making the reservation is responsible for any damage as deemed by the property manager, to be over and above normal wear. Minor upsets and breakages are usually regarded as normal wear and tear. Please report any damage to the property manager. In the case of such damage, reasonable cost is assessed to repair the damage or replace the item.
This cost will be deducted from the security deposit before it is returned. Where the deposit is insufficient the person making the reservation is responsible for paying any outstanding costs.

IF YOU CANCEL YOUR BOOKING If you wish to cancel the whole or part of the booking, after it is confirmed, owner must be informed by E-mail or in writing. The following cancellation charges will apply at the time of notification:
· More than 8 weeks from Arrival date at the Villa - Deposit only.
· Between 8 weeks to 6 weeks - 50 % of total rental price.
· Between 6 weeks to 4 weeks - 75 % of total rental price
· 4 weeks or less - 100 % or total rental price. $200 Security Deposit is not included. It is fully refunded.

IF OWNER CANCELS YOUR BOOKING In the event of circumstances beyond our control requires the owner to cancel a reservation i.e. including Acts of God, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, political unrest, war or the threat of war, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, flood, drought, fire, essential maintenance or repair, legislation, technical/weather/storm problems , aircraft, or any other event beyond the Owner's control. We the Owner, our servants or agents, will not be liable for any loss or damages sustained by the hirer in these circumstances and will only repay any Monies paid in respect of the reservation. In the event of cancellation, if required, we will attempt to find suitable alternative accommodation through our US Management Company, however this cannot be guaranteed.

ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE Check in time is 3.00pm on the day of arrival and check out time is 11.00 am on the day of departure.
This allows time for the villa to be cleaned in preparation for the next guest. In the event of another booking not starting immediately after, the property manager may be able to extend this time if you have a late return flight.
We ask that you please leave the house in a clean and tidy condition.

SWIMMING POOL The property has a private swimming pool. No glasses or breakable items are allowed within the pool area. (Plastic cups and plates are provided). The Owner does not accept any liability for any injury however caused as a result of the use of the pool. Guests, especially parent of small children, are asked to take special care around the pool and not to allow unsupervised children to use the pool. The pool is not designed for diving. The pool heat blanket/cover is not strong enough to be stepped on.
Pool heat blanket and Solar Panel heat is provided all year round at no cost. Auxiliary Electric Pool heat, if required in the cold and cloudy winter months can be provided and ordered as an additional cost. While these systems have been sized by its installer to provide swimming temperatures throughout the year, the actual temperature of the pool will depend on many factors including; the time of year; prevailing weather conditions; time of day; use of the pool cover etc. No guarantees are made by the system to produce swimming pool temperature and no refund is given if Pool electric heating connection ordered..

Besides door locks, this villa is equipped with "Cross Bar" Lock on all sliding doors lead to the Pool area. Its location is at the middle-area of the door which opens to the Pool. This Cross Bar must be locked at all time and may only be opened by an Adult Supervision for the Pool area.
Children who can't swim must be accompanied by any adult in your group.
The owner and his agents are not responsible for any injury caused by misuse, deactivation or defects of these Cross Bar Lock. If these items are found to be defective upon your arrival, please inform the property manager immediately sothat repair or replacement can be implemented.

PETS Pet is not permitted.

INSECTS Florida is a sub-tropical state and as such insects and small creatures are inevitable and are not a cause for complaint. Their presence is no reflection on the cleanliness of the property. The home is treated regularly as part of a pest and termite control program.
If pest appearances persist and are not isolated, please notify the Management Company so that the situation can rectified.

AIR CONDITIONING We advise you to keep all windows and external doors closed whenever possible; not only will this help to keep bugs away from the property, but it will also enable the air conditioning unit to function more efficient and prevent damage to the air conditioning unit due to excessive run times.

SECURITY SAFE Use of the safe is free, but conditional since there is only one key. If you require assistance from the property manager or a locksmith to retrieve your possessions from the safe, for example you have lost or broken the key, you must agree to pay all charges.
If you disagree to this, please do not use it. The key must be left in the safe on departure otherwise the key will be deemed to be lost.

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE The Management Company and appointed tradesmen have the right to enter the property for carrying out repairs or general maintenance e.g. the cleaning of the swimming pool, garden, repairs in the villa etc.

TRAVEL AND HEALTH INSURANCE You and members of your party are advised to take out adequate holiday insurance to cover all eventualities such as cancellations, accidents, loss, sickness and damage. All matters arising with regard to loss or injury should be directed to the respective insurance company. Guests are reminded to exercise care as to the personal safety of themselves and all party members. Whenever possible valuables should be left secure and out of sight.

LIABILITY The Owner or Owner's agents do not accept any liability whatsoever for death, personal injury, accidents, loss from the villa or safe, loss or damage to person(s) or personal effects however caused while staying in or about the rental property.

INVENTORY No items may be removed from the villa. This includes linens and towels. Please report any breakage or damage to the Owner or Management Company. You accept that you are responsible and will pay for any loss or damage caused by any of your party as deemed by the property manager.

CODE OF CONDUCT Country Crossing is a residential community. The actions of all the members of your party should not interfere nor disturb the enjoyment of other holiday makers and residents, who live in the neighborhood of Country Crossing. Please do not play loud music or engage in any activity that may cause inconvenience to the Neighbors after 10:30 pm or before 07:30 am.- Local Bylaw applied.

PROBLEMS OR COMPLAINTS In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with the property, please contact the local Management Company (Donn Soto Management Team) who will do their best to assist and rectify the matter as soon as is practically possible. Should a problem remain unresolved the Owner must be notified immediately. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of descriptions concerning the property and services. However, we reserve the right to change without notice fixtures, fittings and general decor as part of ongoing development and maintenance of the property. Also we cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions and changes beyond our control.

These terms and rental conditions are applied to www.loes.biz and www.fransweb.info. All prices are in US funds.